For Designers

PLUS-Size FASHION Rocks!!!

That’s right…we’ve embraced our curves and it’s time for fashion designers to do the same. We love designers like LU LU WEST, SWAK Designs, and Jean Marc Phillipe who lavish in the glory of providing stylish trends for plus-size women. tumblr_mg30w6XRBe1qkutnbo1_500Unfortunately, when listing some of our faves, American designers can’t always frequent the list as often as some European designers who’ve embrace our curves with conviction rather than refuse them.

It is time for us to not just tell but show fashion designers why plus-size fashion rocks! Besides the average American woman being a size 14, simply put – we love fashion too.  Let designers hear our stories, witness our phenomenal style and embrace our curves. This is your chance to help change the face of fashion by not only deserving greater plus size options but demanding them. My fellow Curvies, share your thoughts and experiences about the plus size fashion world. What are your loves, likes and dislikes? What can’t you live without? What do you want to burn and never see return again?

Fashion Designers, here’s your chance to Get The Curvy!


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