My Story

So…who am I?230739180880616602_bXOg8T97_c

I’m just your everyday woman but there’s something great about me; I am on a mission to change the world (or at least my country)- not just the ordinary world but the extraordinary world of plus size fashion! But before I get all into that let me tell you a little bit about my background because just like you, I’m more than just my size.

My name’s Lovisa (love is a) and shortly before this blog I became a career insurance agent. Sound boring? Well before that I was know as the Brow Guru at my M.A.C. counter, I started styling my own hair in kindergarten at the tender age of 4…but before that I was applying my own Lee Press-On Nails. Basically, I’ve always loved beautiful things including hair, makeup, and of course FASHION! I attended cosmetology school and just days leading up to graduation in January of 2001 I unintentionally got my first gig as a makeup artist for a local fashion show (in Philly) that was hosted by Wendy Williams. Yes, I’m a professional makeup artist but since this blog is about fashion I’ll let you learn more about that side of me at my website

So just how the hell did I get around to creating this blog? Did I mention I’ve been overweight since about the 1st grade? I’ve been picked on for my weight (although I wasn’t actually all that big)…it was more because I was pretty and they weren’t! You’ll learn I’m not all that modest either. Long story short, like many other lifelong plus size women (and newbies) I’m tired of the “big girl clothes,” I love fashion and I want to enjoy being a fashionista too and not just with my shoes and accessories. It’s time to tell fashion designers exactly what we want, don’t want, and show off just how big, beautiful, bold, AND comfortable we are in our skin.

Why Get The Curvy?

It’s a meeting place for plus size women who embrace their curves while enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle. Have you heard of the phrase “get the skinny?” It’s a way of saying get the 411 straight up. So Get The Curvy is the fashion 411 for plus size women. The main purpose of this blog is to have women share their style stories. We don’t just want to know what you wear but where you shop!

Get The Curvy wouldn’t be complete without promoting a healthy lifestyle so let’s encourage each other to stay active, eat healthy, and enjoy life in a fashionable way. And remember, if you use this site I hold you accountable to my mission to change the plus size fashion world. Be sure to share Get The Curvy with your friends! Thanks for stopping by.


2 thoughts on “My Story”

  1. Looks wonderful! Great site and looking forward to reading more!

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