There are so many myths linking being overweight to being unhealthy but I’ll save that for another post! Seriously though, people have been overweight for centuries but all of a sudden a celebrity shouldn’t be overweight because “little kids might follow.” Does this mean we should attribute the spike in childhood obesity to overweight celebrities now? I would hope that a child’s parents should have more influence over them than any celebrity.

I’ve been overweight almost my entire life and have a perfectly healthy, fit, active, “normal sized” child who is not one ounce overweight. Instead of dumping responsibility onto celebrities we should be encouraging more parents to introduce their children to healthy foods, help them to maintain and enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle, and limit the intake of junk foods. My 6 year old has always enjoyed veggies (the first time I shared my food with him at about the age of 1 it was a salad), will ask for water, and knows when he’s had enough candy.

Is this even newsworthy? I suppose for Fox News it is.

As usual, the media blames celebrities for all that goes wrong in the world. So are Adele and Kelly Clarkson too fat to be idolized? Loving their music and idolizing their talents does not equal the desire to be overweight. Loving Jennifer Hudson doesn’t want me to become skinny either. Is admiration for women who love themselves and embrace their curves in spite of the social backlash wrong? I don’t think so at all! Instead of planting fear of our children wanting to be overweight like their favorite celebrity we should encourage them to idolize their strengths, their talents, their music…their confidence and acceptance of oneself!

After all, no one’s making such a big deal about guns and violence in movies and video games. We don’t cover our kids’ eyes from seeing all the celebrities who get married and divorced within months, or party much too hard. Frankly, I think this is just another way for America to poke fun at overweight people. Before, we were ugly because we were fat but not enough of us believe that anymore. We’re beautiful, bold, and confident. So now instead of being fat and ugly, we’re overweight and unhealthy. People can look and say, she’s beautiful, she’s strong, she’s amazing – but she’s just so unhealthy…