adoraom headerSo you’re all siked up, motivated and almost ready to go but you know you’ll feel better and likely work more diligently toward your fitness goals if you have a workout buddy. In other words, you just know you’re going to follow through this time – keep your new years resolution, work out for at least 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week, skip carbs, ditch the snacks and the list goes on – if only you had your fitness pal by your side so you can keep each other going.

Your BFF or coworker, sister, mother or whoever, wants to shed some pounds too so you ask them to join you on your journey. Things start off great! You are keeping each other moving, getting out of the bed and into the gym…you’ve even lost some weight! Then, slowly but surely your so called fitness pal decides to sleep off the hangover, or is under the weather, or just doesn’t feel like it today…tomorrow…let’s go Monday, we’ll get a fresh start. If you’ve worked out with someone else chances are you’ve either heard or have spoken these words yourself.

So what’s the problem? You’ve packed the pounds back on and can’t seem to get or stay motivated long enough to reach your goal. Well, here’s what I think. Stop working out with your complacent “curvy” friends! You likely have some of the same poor eating and fitness habits. From personal experience, I just don’t see this relationship working!

So, who do I think the best fitness pal is? You’re little, skinny, athletic friend who doesn’t need to lose a pound but is adamant about working out religiously. She works out when she’s sick, she works out when she’s tired, she works out even though she doesn’t need to lose weight. All she wants to do is stay fit, healthy, and maybe relieve some stress. That’s right, your little, skinny, athletic friend won’t let you down!

You don’t have one? Well find one! Join groups and find someone in your area. That Facebook friend who’s always writing about her day at the gym? – inbox her now. Then all you have to do is keep up. Well, at least this is just my theory for now. No, I don’t work out with anyone’s little, skinny, athletic friend but the only woman I’ve worked out with who could keep up without complaining was much smaller than my size 14/16.  So I’ll keep you posted. It is however, worth trying something different right?

P.S. If you’re insistent on working out with a curvy friend because you think you both have what it takes to make progress, friend me on “lovisaTX.”