Often times, the difficult part of adopting a healthy lifestyle is maintaining the positive changes over time. It is easy to fall back into old patterns and feel discouraged by slip-ups. The choice to lead a healthy lifestyle is not always easy, but it is important to exercise patience and persistence on the journey toward a healthier you.

When you are experiencing a lack of drive, ask yourself: what is my ‘get-right’ motivation? Whether you are striving for the post-baby snap back, or tired of looking beat down; find your inner fire and keep the flame ablaze. A great start is enlisting a friend, mother, or even your children to join in the health regimen. This provides an extra support system as you work toward a goal together. Remind yourself daily of your personal health goals and why they are important to you. Also, keeping a journal can be a useful tool to keep you focused on consistency. Once your motivation peaks, you will gain a clearer perspective of what your healthy lifestyle will look like.

Remember, being healthy is first and foremost for YOU.

Written by: Ayanna Smith (original source listed below)