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Too Fat To Be An Idol?

There are so many myths linking being overweight to being unhealthy but I’ll save that for another post! Seriously though, people have been overweight for centuries but all of a sudden a celebrity shouldn’t be overweight because “little kids might follow.” Does this mean we should attribute the spike in childhood obesity to overweight celebrities now? I would hope that a child’s parents should have more influence over them than any celebrity.

I’ve been overweight almost my entire life and have a perfectly healthy, fit, active, “normal sized” child who is not one ounce overweight. Instead of dumping responsibility onto celebrities we should be encouraging more parents to introduce their children to healthy foods, help them to maintain and enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle, and limit the intake of junk foods. My 6 year old has always enjoyed veggies (the first time I shared my food with him at about the age of 1 it was a salad), will ask for water, and knows when he’s had enough candy.

Is this even newsworthy? I suppose for Fox News it is.

As usual, the media blames celebrities for all that goes wrong in the world. So are Adele and Kelly Clarkson too fat to be idolized? Loving their music and idolizing their talents does not equal the desire to be overweight. Loving Jennifer Hudson doesn’t want me to become skinny either. Is admiration for women who love themselves and embrace their curves in spite of the social backlash wrong? I don’t think so at all! Instead of planting fear of our children wanting to be overweight like their favorite celebrity we should encourage them to idolize their strengths, their talents, their music…their confidence and acceptance of oneself!

After all, no one’s making such a big deal about guns and violence in movies and video games. We don’t cover our kids’ eyes from seeing all the celebrities who get married and divorced within months, or party much too hard. Frankly, I think this is just another way for America to poke fun at overweight people. Before, we were ugly because we were fat but not enough of us believe that anymore. We’re beautiful, bold, and confident. So now instead of being fat and ugly, we’re overweight and unhealthy. People can look and say, she’s beautiful, she’s strong, she’s amazing – but she’s just so unhealthy…

My Best Fitness Pal

adoraom headerSo you’re all siked up, motivated and almost ready to go but you know you’ll feel better and likely work more diligently toward your fitness goals if you have a workout buddy. In other words, you just know you’re going to follow through this time – keep your new years resolution, work out for at least 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week, skip carbs, ditch the snacks and the list goes on – if only you had your fitness pal by your side so you can keep each other going.

Your BFF or coworker, sister, mother or whoever, wants to shed some pounds too so you ask them to join you on your journey. Things start off great! You are keeping each other moving, getting out of the bed and into the gym…you’ve even lost some weight! Then, slowly but surely your so called fitness pal decides to sleep off the hangover, or is under the weather, or just doesn’t feel like it today…tomorrow…let’s go Monday, we’ll get a fresh start. If you’ve worked out with someone else chances are you’ve either heard or have spoken these words yourself.

So what’s the problem? You’ve packed the pounds back on and can’t seem to get or stay motivated long enough to reach your goal. Well, here’s what I think. Stop working out with your complacent “curvy” friends! You likely have some of the same poor eating and fitness habits. From personal experience, I just don’t see this relationship working!

So, who do I think the best fitness pal is? You’re little, skinny, athletic friend who doesn’t need to lose a pound but is adamant about working out religiously. She works out when she’s sick, she works out when she’s tired, she works out even though she doesn’t need to lose weight. All she wants to do is stay fit, healthy, and maybe relieve some stress. That’s right, your little, skinny, athletic friend won’t let you down!

You don’t have one? Well find one! Join groups and find someone in your area. That Facebook friend who’s always writing about her day at the gym? – inbox her now. Then all you have to do is keep up. Well, at least this is just my theory for now. No, I don’t work out with anyone’s little, skinny, athletic friend but the only woman I’ve worked out with who could keep up without complaining was much smaller than my size 14/16.  So I’ll keep you posted. It is however, worth trying something different right?

P.S. If you’re insistent on working out with a curvy friend because you think you both have what it takes to make progress, friend me on http://www.myfitnesspal.com “lovisaTX.”

Staying Strong, Motivated, And Healthy


Often times, the difficult part of adopting a healthy lifestyle is maintaining the positive changes over time. It is easy to fall back into old patterns and feel discouraged by slip-ups. The choice to lead a healthy lifestyle is not always easy, but it is important to exercise patience and persistence on the journey toward a healthier you.


When you are experiencing a lack of drive, ask yourself: what is my ‘get-right’ motivation? Whether you are striving for the post-baby snap back, or tired of looking beat down; find your inner fire and keep the flame ablaze. A great start is enlisting a friend, mother, or even your children to join in the health regimen. This provides an extra support system as you work toward a goal together. Remind yourself daily of your personal health goals and why they are important to you. Also, keeping a journal can be a useful tool to keep you focused on consistency. Once your motivation peaks, you will gain a clearer perspective of what your healthy lifestyle will look like.

Remember, being healthy is first and foremost for YOU.

Written by: Ayanna Smith (original source listed below)


Looking for great beauty products to fall in love with? Well, maybe you’ve already found it. The Taylored Beauty tells about her love/hate relationship with Revlon’s Colorstay foundation. So if there’s a product you’ve tried and you seem to be the only gal who’s sworn it off you may just want to try it again.

Remember: Even at the makeup counter artists/sales associates sometimes fail to match you correctly either with the appropriate shade or product formula.

Tip: When trying foundation, when samples are available swipe the side of your face with three different shades close to you skin color. One of them is bound to be a perfect match.

The Taylored Beauty

In the online beauty community, there are certain products that have a cult following and you will see them mentioned again and again in blog posts, You Tube videos, and on sites like Beautylish.  I would venture to say that Revlon Colorstay Foundation is at the tippy top of this list.  People love it.  Like, loooove it.  It’s always in everyone’s monthly and year end favorites.  So when I started closely following the online beauty world I decided I would be a fool not to try this liquid gold….er, beige?….that everyone was raving about.

I was, to say the least, underwhelmed.  I had high hopes.  I wanted it to work, I really did.  But I felt like the staying power on me was just lousy.  I really could not understand what all the fuss was about.  I decided everyone in cyberspace was nuts and went and got my money back…

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Shop CARMAKOMA Sizes 14-24

CARMAKOMA. This site is awesome! They carry US sizes 14-24. I love this site because it has a look book – plenty of inspiration. I’ve including the link to the US shop but make sure you are viewing US sizes by clicking on the appropriate flag at the top, right corner of the page…and don’t forget to share your finds with us. Happy shopping!



Carmakoma aims for the stars. Curvy women are just as fashion starving and conscious about style as any other woman. Carmakoma’s success in Denmark and internationally confirm the company’s goal not to rest on its laurels as the preferred plus size fashion brand in Denmark. Through continuous focus on carmakoma’s recognizable signature and a development of both the collections and the unique, online universe, carmakoma aims to be the favourite brand of curvy women worldwide.

13 “To-Go” Recipes to Make at Home

Healthy Takeout-Food Revamp: 13 To-Go Recipes to Make at Home

Maybe you’re pressed for time or believe that only your favorite spot can curb your food cravings. Put down the phone, drop those torn takeout menus, and take a few deep breaths. It’s time to retrain that brain. Here are 13 takeout favorites that you can healthfully make in your own kitchen. Whether Asian, Italian, or all-American fare is your go-to order, click through and prepare to be inspired — and hungry! Read more Healthy Takeout Dinner Recipe.

Get The Curvy On Clementine Desseaux

PLUS Model Magazine | Jan 13

She’s curvy, sexy and one of the hottest plus-size models in the plus size industry. Not shy and an advocate for being happy in the skin you are in, this bombshell is here to make a change! Named one of the Hottest Bodies in the plus modeling industry by PLUS Model Magazine, Clementine Desseaux shares her thoughts and experiences as a plus size model in this skinny world. Check out her interview with the magazine via the link above and let us know what you think.

PlusModelMagazine1 PlusModelMagazine6

Hot, Sexy, Curves!

10 Incredibly Hot Women Who Are Larger Than A Size 12

Each of these ladies is curvy, voluptuous, and wears a size 12 or larger, and each one is guaranteed to [get hearts] racing just as much (or more!) as their slim model counterparts.

Read more at http://www.oddee.com/item_98119.aspx#JHQ9rCYA101wKSLQ.99

Plus Size Fashion Week! Are You Ready?


Curves are officially in! First event dedicated to Plus Size clothing to be held during London British Fashion Week

  • Organised by fashion boutique Trapped in a Skinny World and plus size bpsfw-266x300magazine Evolve
  • Will showcase the work of designers, speakers, models and retailers focusing on women who wear dress size 14 and above
  • Organised by London College of Fashion graduate Remi Ray

That’s Right…We are BIG in the UK!

Dedicated to Plus-Size fashion, the official British Plus-Size Fashion Week (BPSFW) – formally called London Plus-Size Fashion Week – will be held on February 15th and 16th, 2013.

“Trapped in a Skinny World & Evolve Media Ltd has joined forces to create The Official British Plus Size Fashion Weekend. In the heart of LFW February 2013, we will be celebrating the CURVES of the UK and Europe in this one of a kind event. This will be the biggest plus size fashion event that the UK has seen thus far. The event is being produced to bring together plus-size brands and the consumers that embrace them.” Read more…http://www.lpsfw.com/about-us/